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Back to the Future...

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1 Back to the Future... on Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:20 pm

Adelaide Cavaliers

Hello All,

I was surfing the net, being a bit nostalgic thought I'd check out what was happening with Ultra Cricket, maybe even start up a team again. To my stunned surprise I find my way here. I can't remember when I stopped playing the game, it was when life was getting too much for me to commit to the game. I began playing in the early days... when Ultra Cricket was just one conference. My team ADC or Adelaide Cavaliers. Ironic, because years later I played cricket for a team of the same name.

I digress. I think I always preferred Ultra Cricket when it was smaller and more personable. When you actually got personal chats with Tim. I'm not sure he'd remember me. We nearly met in England at one point, 1996, when I was on my honeymoon. Never happened unfortunately, we ran out of time in the UK, but we spoke on the phone.

Happy to help out and have input where I can, so long as you are happy to include someone who drifted away from the game.

Darryl Jackman

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