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Change to the way skills work

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1 Change to the way skills work on Wed Feb 10, 2010 4:01 pm

Mr Grumpy

Another change that would be in UC2.0 if I get there will be to much simplify the skills.
Each player would revert to just 3 skills, batting, bowling and fielding.
Then each player would have a "temperament" (maybe 2 - one for batting and one for bowling) which would determine how they used the skill. An aggressive player would use more of their batskill to score runs rather than protecting their wicket ... you get the idea I hope.
The temperament would be fixed. You'd then just have to worry about training up the skill - and on that front the idea would be you either play or train. Making the decision as to when to blood a youngster more difficult.

2 Re: Change to the way skills work on Thu Apr 08, 2010 5:01 pm


Yay! Ultra Cricket's back. I was just wondering the other day if we would ever see it again, and I look at the site for the first time in over a year and there's movement on the station.

On the topic, I like the idea of switching back to just bat, bowl and field as the skills - economy and aggresion never made much sense to me.

But I think making it train or play is a bit too limiting. I would be happy to see players lose some of their training time for each game played, but it would be good to always have at least a couple of points to spend on your core players to make sure they are going in the right direction. This would be especially important in moulding an allrounder to suit the team structure. One of the things I always enjoyed most about UC was squad development, so I wouldn't want to see that devalued too much.

But whatever you decide, I'll be in for the ride.

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