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26 Re: Welcome to UC on Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:32 am


Seems to me that it was the plethora of 100+ skills (mostly in bowling, some in batting) that threw tactics out of the UC window.

All the usual problems of narrow squads, death pitches, train and play skills from game 7 of Age 0 season, etc.

So on an as-is basis, if:
1) all UC skills of current teams, and growth rates of players and minimum skill to play, were reduced by 20%, and
2) no player could train and play in the same game slot (like injuries are handled with reduced TPs),

does that cover most of the non-interface and presentation issues?

Things would look very much like my EMS (all mediocre) and DCB (all average) squads are (were?) currently. The odd player breaching 100 skill, but mainly bouncing around in the 80-95 marks, and having 3 or 4 fast and medium and slow bowlers, a couple of keepers, and 7 to 9 viable batsmen in the squad.

EMS were by far the most fun to play as they started out as a joke but quickly became so interesting - the weekly reports were so bizarre. I did manage to get one fast bowler to 102 bowl skill with savage manipulation and playing all the tricks. They were fading badly by Age 5 however, so it just encouraged more development.

ANyway, another tuppence worth

27 Re: Welcome to UC on Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:31 am



I kept the faith... checked the UC website periodically... and here we are Smile
This is just a quick post to say hello again, I hope something comes of the UC restart. Whilst I may have had criticisms of the old UC, I'd have played it as it was and I have to admit that there was a certain staleness in my orders/tactics (or lack thereof) and a general lack of time towards the end.

A world with some UC in it is better than a world with no UC at all. Frankly, I'm not bothered about fancy bells, whistles and graphics; I wonder if the best place to start is where it was left off, and make the odd tweak. It might be easier and mean that things got up and running again more quickly.

Great to see some familiar names, but right now it's 2:30am and I need to get to bed before I pass out in this seat.


28 Re: Welcome to UC on Sat May 01, 2010 4:20 am


Well, it seems like most people on the forum are pushing for the game to start up as it used to be - not surprising really as we're all the old die-hard fans who need our UC fix Wink

It doesn't look like that's what Mark and Tim are planning though with some fairly significant changes to skills and training on the cards.

So I have a question - if there are going to be these sort of changes to the way the game works, will our old teams be remodeled or will we need to start from scratch?

29 Re: Welcome to UC on Sun May 02, 2010 2:40 am


It depends what Tim & Mark are trying to achieve.

When UC started 15 odd years ago, the internet was a very different place and UC was breaking new ground. It built up numbers quickly and for many years was clearly the benchmark but then player numbers gradually dwindled as other options like Battrick appeared.

If Tim & Mark want UC to be the most popular online cricket game again then they have to make changes. If they just want to bring it back because they miss it and the community that surrounded it, then they might bring it back as is. I suspect it's the former but I'd be happy with either option.

30 Bring it on!!! on Fri Jun 04, 2010 9:18 pm


I was pleasantly surprised as I stumbled onto this site, I was beginning to think UC was gone forever Shocked

I still miss my weekly dose of UC and cant wait for it start again... I loved UC the way it was, and although I had my thoughts on what could be improved, it never detracted from the game for me...

I just have a couple of suggestions for improvements and my solutions that I feel should be relatively easy to implement with the old code. Some people play for fun, and others play to win, but I think the following solutions should make both camps happy:

1. I agree with Bricks and Alex about promoting broader squads.
My solution: This can easily be addressed by having bowling and batting traits play more of a role, especially according to pitch and weather conditions. The diversity of the pitch and weather amongst team owners' choices should automatically take care of the rest. Teams that train narrow squads will not be able to win too many away games unless they nurture and pick players according to conditions. This suggestion also addresses the factor of home ground advantage, which was not very well replicated in UC.
Also, 100+ skills did play havoc in the old UC by negating several other in-game factors, so the other aspect is to lower the peak attainable skill level for any trait by reducing the weekly max allocation of TPs per player, or by limiting the max allowable TPs per trait (the former is better otherwise you will have too many players who are very alike). e.g. If you get 100 TPs a week, and you can only spend a max of 7 a week on a player, you are automatically going to promote broader squads.

2.One other thing that I would like is to see is for players to be at their peak for a bit longer. You induct a new player, train him forever and hate to see him go down so quickly. Maybe the initial training slope could be faster, with a longer plateau period before the player shows signs of aging.
My solution: One way this could be addressed is by introducing a "Fitness" quality that would need to be trained weekly as well. This is currently an intrinsic and hidden aspect of players and tied to age, but IMHO making this trainable is more realistic and advantageous. This trait could attribute to a few things such as in game fatigue such as during a long (batting) innings or higher bowling workload, or energy levels on day 4/5 of a test match, but more importantly this would be tied to injuries (thereby promoting broader squads again), and would also be responsible for maintaing players at their peaks longer. Instead of being stuck with average or great fitness throughout their career, this should be an attribute that is "progressively trainable" (explained below).
Here is one example of this coule be envisioned: All players start out with a somewhat randomly assigned base "fitness" level, based on the number of DP spent on the trait, but initial fitness can not be better than "average". A player who is regularly trained in fitness would improve their fitness over time to be "great" or "superb" in fitness, and sustain their peak skills longer (maybe till age 7 or 8 ), whereas an "average/good" fitness would follow the normal longevity of old UC. If they are not trained in fitness, then fitness would decline over a few weeks (From average to mediocre to poor to bad) and these players would be more susceptible to injuries and also fade quicker.

Oh, I would also prefer UC to start with a clean slate, no old teams and records, so we can have new teams and more new records every week...

Either way, pleeeeaaaase bring UC back soooooon geek


UAB, ANL, FLD, ZZZ, and ex-captain of IRL

31 Re: Welcome to UC on Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:17 pm


Hi guys,

good to see some effort is going into bringing UC back. I'll have a read around and post my thoughts.


former manager of DOF and MTB and IRL batsman (and wicket-taker on one glorious occasion, IIRC)

32 UC - Come on Back on Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:25 am


I'd love to play UC again. Let me know when you start up again.


Mgr. BAH - Bel Air Country Hams

33 Re: Welcome to UC on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:44 am



Need to get this moving again Smile


34 Re: Welcome to UC on Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:31 am


I used to play UC a long time ago, it was awesome!

Now I play fromthepavilion.org. Its a really good game, but not quite to the same level as UC was.

The developer (Ashario) of fromthepavilion.org is really nice guy and perhaps it would be worthwhile to get in touch with him (he can help with coding and stuff like that and share knowledge) to get UC back and improve fromthepavilion.org as well.

35 Re: Welcome to UC on Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:04 pm


Hi all, glad to see the signs of a potential UC-rebirth in the offing. My old stagers SKG and DWX are getting bored of ham sandwiches and fairy cakes, and want to get back out of the pavilion!

Basic improvements I'd like to see would be along the lines of easier orders - I always found it a pain to rejig things, and it was tough to get them set up well in the first place. A web-based method (ticky-boxes, slide-bars and other such nonsense) might make it somewhat easier.

Admittedly, towards the end, I was getting bored of the game, and it was probably a mixture of being lazy about having to redo orders, and maybe an air of staleness about the place with the same teams winning.

Anyway, I'm available to supply ideas and testing for anything that gets done!


36 Re: Welcome to UC on Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:25 am


Andrew here, Good to see UC is being
talked about again, and I would definitely
be in if UC kicks off again.
My teams were CYC,BMT and LDW.
I haven't played any other cricket games
since, but I'm heavily into On The Ball
(an Aussie rules game).

Mostly I was happy with the UC engine, I'll
have a think about suggested changes and
post later.
On The Ball has a very good web user
interface, if anyone is interested in
taking a look.

37 Re: Welcome to UC on Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:12 am


Nice to see new people popping up, shame the rate is still pretty slow!

38 Re: Welcome to UC on Sat Oct 23, 2010 5:24 am

Cyril Washbrook

cheekbones3 wrote:Nice to see new people popping up, shame the rate is still pretty slow!
Well, it's been years since UC has been around, and I think most people have moved on elsewhere. I only happened across the Facebook group by accident.

39 Re: Welcome to UC on Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:48 am


I'm glad I found this. UC was one of my favourite things when I was going through University and I'm sad it's not been around.

I've love to see it back in any form.

40 Re: Welcome to UC on Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:59 pm


I played on UC a while ago and I would really like to see it start up again.

Key issue in my opinion is to see if we can't make it as cheap as possible for whoever is running it and also that it doesn't matter too much how small it is especially to start with does it? If there are just 20 teams I am sure that we could all still enjoy it and just see how it expanded.


41 Re: Welcome to UC on Fri Jan 14, 2011 2:03 pm


Oh glorious day!

During one of my many irregular trips to the old UC website, something strange happened...well, something happened! And then to see this, that some activity is happening, warms the cockles of my heart Laughing

I was never much good at tactics in the game, in fact, the only success I ever had was with the Test specialist skill monsters EOS in UC5, so Im not too worried about any potential changes, I will play any form of UC that there is!

Also, not sure how the e-mails for UC1 teams were going, but my e-mail remained the same and I didnt receive any


Mike (TSE, EOS, PNE)

42 Status of UC? on Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:29 am


Any developments? Is UC really coming back or was this just a cruel joke, getting our hopes up only to be dashed? Evil or Very Mad
Its been over a year since this thread started... Sad

43 Re: Welcome to UC on Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:31 am


I'd be interested in playing as well as helping with design issues. Would love for UC to come back.

44 Re: Welcome to UC on Fri Dec 16, 2011 3:01 pm


It would be great to get the old girl running again in some way, shape or form.

I can't help thinking that it should be possible to have a laptop run the games, and them upload a database to hosted webspace... much cheaper than having a server of our own. There are plenty of free packages which are front ends to mySQL (equally free) that should be able to do the presentation of stats and tables. Very Happy

Steve Hanks (LSF - UC1, AD - UC2)

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